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A New Kind of Currency


World Prosperity Network is Crowdselling its first 30 Million Prosperity Coins (WPN).

Join the worldwide movement by buying Prosperity Coin Now. Use MetaMask Below.

World Prosperity Network is a Sustainable SOULutions(TM) provider, connecting consumers, businesses, and causes with incentives to help solve real-world problems with the power of curency.

While most systems throw more money at a problem, we use efficiency to solve problems with available resources.

Experience a Currency with the Power to Deliver Your Heart’s Desires.

It pays to give back with Prosperity Coin.

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Prosperity Coin is an Ethereum Compatible ERC20 Token.

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Gas Limit: 200000



Contract #: 0x57951C31278a45dDB2051cacD9aDA88b63C2276F. 18 decimals. Symbol = WPN.

The Future of the World is in Your Hands

The Future of Money

Heal the World Economy

Heal the World Economy

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