Our Team







Noah Brown, Entrepreneur – Early Adopter and Supporter of Prosperity Coin. Prosperity Coin Sales Team Member.
Elle B. Smith is a paralegal and non-profit expert. She is an original co-creator of World Prosperity Network.
Mark Rowe, owner and editor of Soul Central Magazine is an early adopter and media partner  of Prosperity Coin.
Andrew Blume, veteran and member of 1ARC is the FIRST early adopter of Prosperity Coin is a Prosperity Coin Council Member.
Eric Zuley, CEO of eZWay Network, is the aacting CMO of Prosperity Coin.
Dr. Dante Sears is a real Estate Expert and the founder of World Prosperity Network, Prosperity Coin, and Prosperibly.
Adam Couglas, photographer and media for Prosperity Coin.
Sophia Alvarez handles administrative support for Prosperity Coin.