Sustainability Meets Shipping Container Houses

The movement to create affordable and sustainable housing is really picking up steam. Builders are finding new ways to work with the durable steel frames of the shipping containers, transforming them into luxurious bungalows, technological tiny houses,  and modern mini mansions.  The race is on to build them most effective housing methods with the lease amount of money spent.


Word Prosperity Network is extremely interested in the prospect of using shipping containers as a medium for home design, given their low price and high ability in Southern California and other coastal communities.  Why shipping containers? Their durable construction is earthquake proof. No framing needed, these walls are already framed in the container home, and even one shipping container can make a very nice little casita house or addition.  The build time is fast with container homes, while the cost of materials is lower.


There are many takes on this type of home style; more affordable projects leave the exterior crate metal exposed, while more upscale projects add finishing, concealing the crate within fascia and exterior panels.


This sleep, contemporary building style is not only affordable, but also appeasing to the eye and improves neighborhood property values without drawing too much attention to itself.

World Prosperity Housing will offer affordable housing in three classes: basic, modern, and luxury.

The first WPN Community is scheduled to break ground January 2020 in Southern California.

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